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Breaking News:
Hapless Sightings... the track "Hapless Sky" was featured recently on KFOG's "Acoustic Sunrise"... and sunset in the SF Bay Area (and beyond). Hapless is also featured in the upcoming issue of Rock'n'Reel magazine and on the accompanying compilation CD Un-Herd.

"Larson offers an outstanding new acoustic album. With a soothing voice, honest lyrics and engaging melodies... This album quietly commands attention. It will bring a reverential hush to the room". Click here for full review.

Acoustic Magazine (UK) - June
Rock'n'Reel (UK) - a track is also featured on the accompanying UN HERD compilation CD - August. Mag/CD available at Border's and others in the U.S.
CBS Watch Magazine - November

"New Antiques" available now on Apple iTunes (click).   
A MySpace page is now up: www.myspace.com/ jefflarsonmusic. Also on MySpace, a 10 song set of acoustic mixes from the last few years available through SNOCAP. Includes two unreleased tracks: "Point of Rising" and "If Wishes Were Horses".

More live dates are in the works. A (first) Tee-Shirt is also being designed and should be available in July.

The 11 track CD was released on April 24th and is available at Amazon.com, Not Lame, Kool Kat, iTunes, E-Music and other download sites. The tracklist: Hapless Sky, Waiting for the Mail, Carbon, Morning 'til Noon, At The Depot, I Don't Mind the Rain, Coldwinds, Force of a Smile, Morris Air, This Frequency, Coffee at Midnight. Guests: Gerry Beckley, Randell Kirsch, Hank Linderman, Beth Campbell, more...

Recent News:
The U.S. edition of the new CD, Swimming in the Make Believe, was released in late 2006 and is available at Amazon.com (click), Not Lame Music (click), and CD Baby (click) . "Swimming" is also available for download on various sites including Apple iTunes (click). Guest include friends: Hank Linderman, Jeffrey Foskett, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell (America), Randell Kirsch, Robert Lamm (Chicago), and others. Artwork by Jason Munn.  This CD is lighter and more up in feel than the previous Sepia (2004) and completes a trilogy that began with 2002's Fragile Sunrise. TRACKLIST: You Remind Me Of The Sun, Play Through (w/R Lamm), A Faraway Girl, Southaways, I'll Be Gone, Summer Fades, Hand Me Down, Something of Magritte, Under The Weather, Rain On Me, She Has To Know By Now, Leaving California.

There is a dedicated "Swimming" (click) page for credits, upcoming lyrics, reviews, etc. Swimming was also be released on JVC Victor in Japan on September 21 with two additional bonus tracks ("A Better Day" B-Mix) plus one other, alternate jewel-case packaging w/graphics/booklet.

The 6-song EP "Two Part Confessional" is also available (review below). This is part 1 of a limited edition set and represents a different look and feel. Tracks: Looking at December, Maybe Cascade Idaho, A Better Day (w/Gerry Beckley, The Way Outside, Play Through, Only Green. Artwork by Jason Munn (Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron&Wine). Part 2 TBD.

A cover of the Stephen Stills song "Questions" (click cover art for info) is included on the Buffalo Springfield tribute CD "Five Way Street" released on May 30, 2006 on NOT LAME Records in the U.S. Other artists include Andrew Gold, Maplewood, among others.

Also, the track was contributed to the Rick Nelson tribute CD "Easy to be Free" released in late May on Planting Seeds Records. "Legacy" - written by Dennis Sorokin (Larden), is taken from the Stone Canyon band era of Rick Nelson's career. Other artists included are Marshall Crenshaw, Allen Clapp (Orange Peels), among others.

Charlotte Cooper - a talented new UK artists is set to release her debut album "Goes Without Saying" - Album includes a cover of the Jeff Larson penned song of the same name. The album was produced by Steve Levine (of Culture Club fame) and will be released in the UK in October 2006. Guest artists include Gerry Beckley, Kiki Dee, Jeffrey Foskett, others. Details TBA

Comes with a Smile #20 (February 2006)
Despite a personal creed that I should never trust anyone who sings that they are "looking at december like a friend of mine" I find myself oddly attracted to this record. It's almost a happy song, despite the month in question, skittering along in its hummable, acoustic groove. Maybe Cascade Idaho soon shook me from that , the guitar ripping in like Peter Buck decided to Begin the Begin all over again. So far so good and A Better Day keeps the mood going... There's a mellower tone for The Way Outside and it allows Larson's voice to come through strongly. Play Through has an inkling of open-top driving about it, but just fails, thankfully, to follow up on that promise and decides to take a Dinosaur Jr. ending rather than drift along longer. That leaves the closer Only Green to wander around in a dreamy dance of its own, strobed by the lazy passing of headlights as the end of the road nears. One the basis of part one of the confession, the priest might find himself very crowded in the little box by the time of part two. -- Laurence Arnold

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